Pivot Points: Defining Our Life One Moment At A Time

What is a pivot point? A pivot point is defined as a moment that is a significant flashpoint in your life. A moment of truth where you make a decision that changes the course of your direction.PIVOTDECISION

For some of us who may have a few years on us, we have probably experienced our fair share of pivotal moments. Moments where a decision we had to make change us or transformed our journey. Let me ask you something, what decision have you made that you feel made the biggest impact on your life so far? Think about it. Would you change your decision now in retrospect? Are you confident you made the right choice? If you’re like most, something will immediately come to mind. Pivot points tend to be emotionally charged moments. Our journeys of live have a way of creating these situations and some people tend to have more of these moments than others.

When you think about this pivot points, even if you didn’t respond in the past as well as you would have liked, consider this. We all have the ability to get better at these moments in the future. I happen to believe that our own self awareness is the key that unlocks our ability to change in these critical moments that arrive on our doorstep. The more we are self aware, the more we can handle these pivot points that arrive uninvited and unexpected. The better we can make decisions that will have a positive impact on our journey.

At the end of the day, it’s the choices that we make that create our lives. The moments of truth, the pivot points that will decide our fate. The more mindful we are, the more aware of self, the better decisions we will make and the more confidence we will have when we have to pivot to the next step.



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