Leading On Marketing: The Power Of Multi-Author Sites

When most folks start out on their blogging journey, they are a one man band. It’s up to them to set up the site, write the content and promote their posts. There is a large investment of time and effort to make it work. While it’s rewarding and successful to strike out on your own, you could always benefit by gaining more exposure by considering expanding your exposure for your site. And this vein, you may consider joining a multi-author site.multblogwriters

When you join a multi-author site, you are becoming part of a larger community of writers. The writers become team members. Each writer brings to the table their own expertise and creates quality content that only enhances the multi-author site but their own individual brands. I speak from both sides of fence in this discussion. I am the Editor In Chief and Founder for a successful multi-author site BEALEADER  and I contribute to other multi-author sites as a writer as well.

Putting my Editor In Chief  hat for a moment. When I created #bealeader my goal was to put the writers in the best light. I’ve been a one man band for quite some time. I know the time commitment it takes to create original content. I have to manage my time carefully as well. Writing is time consuming. I treat each writer with great respect. I want the writer to know that they are part of the team and success of #bealeader. When they submit a post, I take great care to communicate with them the launch date and goals of their post. I will even create custom graphics for their posts should that be required. I also make sure they get a timely response on their submissions. Not 6 weeks later, but within 24 hours, sometimes even less they will know if their post is approved and when it will launch.

As for the audience, I ensure that my audience knows that when they come to #bealeader they are not going to read the same post they would find elsewhere. I strive to find writers and content that is unique and valuable. Multi-author sites can be diverse and writers need to be able to stand out in the crowd. It takes a strong, confident writer to be able to hold their own on these sites. Audiences appreciate good, valuable content not just the same old posts they see elsewhere. It is a balancing act.

Another benefit for a writer with a multi-author site is the network and community aspect. You are not alone and the promotional aspect is very key. Your posts will be shared by many. Everyone works as a team supporting each other. The community of the writing team is one that supports each other. When writers support each other – everyone wins. And there is a bit of competition if you will within each person. You tend to raise your own writing game. You get to expand your writing skills. You may be inspired by another writer and want to increase how you approach your own writing and that feeds others too.

Networking plays a key role. When you are featured on these sites, your presence is expanded and your circle widens. A multi-author site may be the key you need to your next client. You have a greater chance of exposure to reach your target audience and network with folks who may not have found your single blog site.

This post really only scratches the surface. The effort to add multi-author site writing to your strategy is worth it. Consider researching multi-author sites and putting this into your strategy plan. It could be the ticket you need to greater success.

Editor Note: If you are interested in joining our Resident Writer team here at BEALEADER – you can learn more on our Be A Writer page


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