Is Your Leadership Mojo Out Of Whack?

There comes a time in every leader’s life that they must step back and evaluate their leadership. Maybe you have noticed that you are losing your “mojo” and others are starting to wonder if you ever had it to begin with.

As leaders, we lead ourselves first – that’s the cold hard truth. If we aren’t leading ourselves – no one is ever going to follow us into battle. The leader is a person who everyone looks to for confidence and the vision, the plan to carry forward.mojoleader

If a leader is showing cracks, then it’s time to take a look where we need to shore up our foundation.

Here are the signs your leadership mojo might be out of whack (and how to get it back):

Micromanaging Others

When you micromanage others it’s a sign that you lack confidence in your own leadership and the people around you. Once you start down this path, it’s pretty much a guarantee that you are lacking trust in yourself. Micromanagement doesn’t win you followers or friends; rather, it will drive away others from your leadership and the mission you wish to accomplish.

Solution: To get back to center – why not try to back off. Assign the project to the team, let them work it out. Trust them to make the right decisions – and if they run into trouble, they will call you.

Playing It Safe

Maybe you have noticed that you aren’t taking on the “big” projects but settling for the easy ones – where a “win” is guaranteed. The low hanging fruit doesn’t produce the best results. Perhaps the easy wins are a quick fix to confidence but in the long game, you are just setting yourself up for a bigger failure down the road.

Solution: Stop looking for the easy way to win and start playing hardball again – take on a challenge and find out where your mettle can be tested. Adversity builds our confidence in ourselves.

Surrounding Yourself With “Yes” Men/Women

You have moved out those who dare to be better than you. You start to hang out with the crowd of individuals who will just think you walk on water rather than challenge you to make others better or even be a star on their own. This pretty much tells everyone that you are afraid to be smarter, more capable people because it will make you look bad to your superiors or competitors.

Solution: Don’t ever let yourself be the smartest person in the room. Find those who know more than you and put them into your circle.

Never Asking For Help

We all need help. No one can do it alone. However, if you notice that you are just taking on more and more projects, tasks without any assistance – what are you really saying about yourself? It’s not what you think. You aren’t telling the world that you are “Superman.” You are giving the signal that rather than asking for help, you would rather eat your own arm – which is pretty insane.

Solution: People by nature want to help others – so ask. There is nothing wrong in admitting you can’t do it all. Asking for help doesn’t make you weak, it actually makes you stronger and in fact others realize that you need their talents – you prove that trust others to give their talents to support you.

Seeking Reassurance

We all like to be told that we are doing a great job – yet, this has to be done with real acknowledgment not just “fishing” for the compliment. If you find yourself seeking out praise over and over again just ensure you know you are doing a good job – stop it. No one should be giving you assurance of your work except you.

Solution: Pat yourself on the back once and while, in fact, give yourself praise daily. Don’t overdo it. But make it a habit to give self praise about what is going right or wrong in your work, life– before someone else does.

This article has been republished with permission from Jennifer Olney



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