What A Fool Believes: The Foolish Leader

You can fool some of the people only some of the time, but in the end you are only fooling yourself. And that’s the subject our #bealeader Tweetchat this week “Foolish leaders”.FOOLISHLEADBLOG

In most cases, this type of leader is falling for their own insecurities and trying to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes.  The foolish leader is many times mistaken for the “emperor has no clothes”.  They may talk a great game and seem to be “fooling” everyone – but in the end there is nothing behind their leadership or their vision.  It’s smoke and mirrors that fools create to make you believe they have all the answers.

The hallmarks of a foolish leader:

  • is one who is cannot be taught new tricks – rejects new ideas.
  • is more interested in self serving than serving others
  • would rather tear others down than lift others up
  • is a poor listener – they like the sound of their own voice and counsel
  • create chaos and drama to distract from their lack of leadership
  • believes their own “hype” and refuses to see reality of their leadership
  • is never consistent – which leads to mistrust.
  • is one rather play games than do the work that matters

What would you add to this discussion? Look at these questions and add your comments below:


Q1: How would you define a “foolish” leader?

Q2: Do foolish leaders create dysfunction as a means of distraction?

Q3:  Can you  teach “foolish” leaders new tricks?

Q4: In what ways can we protect ourselves from these foolish leaders?

Q5: Should you ever confront a foolish leader?

Q6: Foolish leaders take the fun out of leadership – agree or disagree?



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