Long Live The Guest Blogger!

So yesterday…Google’s Matt Cutts decided to climb to the top of Mt. Google and like Moses, shout down to the masses that “Guest Blogging Is Dead” Anytime anyone from Google makes a statement like that you can hear the keyboard strokes of MILLIONS of bloggers suddenly stop and there is a collective longlivewriterWTH?

Matt’s declaration strikes fear – as it should – in the heart of those spammer bloggers who walk among us and they should be shaking in their boots today. Their practices are the reason we can’t have nice things as Matt said on the internet. It’s always those rogue individuals who make others who do things on the up and up look bad. And with Matt’s title, everyone ASSUMES that guest bloggers are now all painted with the same brush. Not true.

If as a guest blogger, writer, your content is quality. If you write to engage your audience and build relationships. You have nothing to fear. You are doing it right. If you are doing things the right way, this announcement doesn’t affect you. But…if you only write to backlink and get “link juice” if the only reason you are guest writing for others is build your links….you need to start finding a new line of work. You are SOL.  Most guest writers fall in the category of doing things the right way – at least the ones that I read and associate with, however, there are those rogue individuals…who always seem to spoil it.

With #bealeader, I have implemented and used a strict policy of screening writers and blogs. I  received the same email that Matt referred to his post. And I delete those emails daily. I also turn down more than I accept with #bealeader. A little insight when you are running your own multi-author site – not everyone is going to make it. As an editor, you can’t take every Tom, Dick and Harry….you need to do a little research and ask questions about your perspective writers. You will probably still get burned – people are people, but this cuts down your chances.  As a guest blogger, consider sites where you want to post, you need to be picky as well. Don’t just submit for the sake of page views. Don’t be “THAT” blogger that sends their work EVERYWHERE…be selective and be choosy about where you are writing.  I know that I am and I look at the writing and the person when I select a writer to be a part of my writer team.

Guest Blogging is not dead, but may the spam blogger rest in peace.


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