The Give and Take Of Leadership

In life and leadership there is give and take.  Our leadership to others should be given freely without any expectation of a return.  We shouldn’t just give with the expectationgiveandtakeblog12 of return of our service yet it appears some leaders do not see the world in this light. There appears to be many “takers” who  take and never give back in return as well. Where have we gone wrong as leaders? Has our cultured played a part in this lack of respect of giving?  Has the world become so cynical that those who give freely are being abused by those “takers” among us?  A servant leader knows that when you bestow a gift of your time and service, it is honor to serve, not a time to ask for favors in return for your service. There are many leaders who may need a refresher course on this type of leadership today.
Questions To Ask Your Team:
Q1: Giving leads to receiving – Agree or Disagree?
Q2: Do you believe you should give to others without any expectations for a return on your service?
Q3: Are leaders taking more than they are giving in our culture today?
Q4: How do you approach giving to others?
Q5: What does the term #makeothersbetter mean to you?
Q6: How do you handle situations with team members or leaders  who take and never give back?
Q7: How does gratitude play a role in giving?
Q8: What have you given freely as a leader that has been most important to you?
Q9: What ways can you inspire others to #bealeader who gives back?
Q10: Give and Take to #bealeader requires___________________ (Fill in the blank)



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