Overcoming Bad Leaders

Not all leaders are created equal. The problem today is how to do we separate the good leaders from the bad ones. In many cases, leaders emerge from the shadows when they are asked to step up and present their inner character and core values as well.  If you truly want to determine someone’s leadership prowess, give them power and their true leadership colors will shine through.

The Top 10 Signs You Are A Bad Leader

  1. A leader who has tunnel vision and lacks a vision that inspires their team.
  2. A leader who lacks character or integrity.
  3. A leader who lacks a track record of success
  4. A leader who fails to communicate
  5. A leader who feels they know it all
  6. A leader who is selfish not selfless
  7. A leader who is “My way or The highway” as their approach to leading others
  8. A leader who sees kindness as weakness and lacks humility and empathy for others
  9. A leader who lacks focus and discipline
  10. A leader who cannot take accountability


Questions To Ask Your Team: 

Q1: What traits do you consider be bad leadership ?

Q2: Is the real world a true test of leadership?

Q3: What makes a good leader go bad?

Q4: Leaders need courage to be great leaders – true or false?

Q5: A leader who takes “my way or the highway” as their approach to leadership is leading nowhere fast? Agree/Disagree?

Q6: A leader must have a track record of success to be considered a great leader? True or False?

Q7: How do we separate the good leaders from the bad ones?

Q8: Emerging leaders need to heed what traits to #bealeader ?


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