The Reluctant Leader

“What is Leadership?” The enormity of this question weighs profoundly on most of us who try to define it.  The beauty of this question is leadership looks like many different things to different people.

For the reluctant leader, leadership may be so massive that they become shy and nervous to engage to others or even worst, scared to fail. For those resistant to be a leader, they tend to be more inclined to be task-oriented and live in survival mode within their career.  The mere thought of being given the moniker “Leader” may be too much to bear. At some inner level they believe they do not possess the core abilities to lead.  Many of these reluctant leaders are confined by  rules of leaderships that have been created by others and  they feel they are not able to lead within the parameters of what is defined as a leader. The root of this fear could be previous life and work experiences, preconceived notions of leadership or they feel “leader” is a “title-driven” role.

Fortunately, many leaders have come to discover that leadership is neither title-driven nor time-sensitive, but it is powered by morale, values, mission, discovery, ambition, and most importantly, sense of purpose of leading from where you are.

Questions To Ask Your Team:

Q1:  How would you define a reluctant leader?

Q2:  How does our previous experience in work and life play a role in our leadership?

Q3:  Is leadership really complex?

Q4:  Is “title-driven” leadership still valid?

Q5:  How do we inspire others to find their leader within? Other than just lead by example…

Q6: What advice would you give someone who is afraid to be a leader? #bealeader

Q7: What is your truth about leadership?


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