BEALEADER Celebrates Its First Anniversary

One year ago on May 3rd 2012, I launched the very first #bealeader™  Tweetchat. Our topic for the night was “Confidence Matters” and out of the gate we were off and running.  The story of #bealeader™ ™ is not an overnight success.  #bealeader™  was birthed out of my own commitment to make leadership accessible to all. Prior to starting #bealeader™, I had business partner with whom I help to create a leadership curriculum for youth sports, corporations and schools.  And as life happens, that partnership was not meant to be.  I ended the partnership with a heavy heart but never willing to give up on the idea that leadership is for everyone.  I was determined that the work I created wouldn’t have an end with a sour note and thus I created my own brand and company #bealeader™.   The next chapter of the story was that I would make it my mission to  further the legacy of leadership and instill in all that leadership is not reserved for titles and powers, rather, we are all leaders and to #bealeader, you have to commit to your own core values and lead yourself first.

The centerpiece of #bealeader™ isn’t a product or a person, it’s a community. From all walks of life, from around the globe, #bealeader™  has become a beacon for many to share their experience and leadership.  This community isn’t about one leader  but the power of many to move forward the leadership conversation and to create a collaborative environment where all are welcome and appreciated for their talents and gifts.  #bealeader™  is about all of us changing the game to make a difference to those we have the privilege to serve.

I’ve been so moved by the conversations, the friendships and the joy that I have seen transpire in our community. We are living up the mantra I created “More than a hashtag….#bealeader™  is a community of real leaders” . Each day as we welcome new members  who take us to another level that I only dreamed of a few short months ago, I realize that we are changing the game in leadership.  I wouldn’t be here today on this blog writing this piece without the efforts of many folks. I am grateful to our featured and resident writers, our guest hosts and to each member of the #bealeader™  community member who generously shares their time, their talents and experience to #bealeader™  each day.  We are strong community and mighty in our determination and leadership. The best is yet to come and the future for #bealeader™  is very bright.

I invite you join me and our community this Thursday, May 2nd as we gather for our #bealeader™  Tweetchat at 7pmET. We will be taking a look back at the year that was and a look forward to our future as well.  This chat is a testament to our resilience and fortitude to make leadership open to all.

From the bottom of my heart, it is my honor and pleasure to serve with each of you.  I am forever grateful and I look forward to changing the game with you.




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