Everyone Has A Leadership Voice

When I started the #bealeader™ blog in April 2012 my purpose was to bring new insights to leadership, and showcase the leaders who are making a difference in the lives they serve. My intent behind the blog was to illustrate that everyone really does have a leadership voice, no matter their title or position; we are all leading in our lives and careers.

Throughout the year, #bealeader™ has been blessed by many individual leadership voices that have come forth to share their message on our blog.

Our criteria for both feature and resident #bealeader™ writers are unusual, as we embrace quality rather than judge our writers based on  follower count, Klout scores, page views or social media standing. We see each person as an individual leader who can contribute their unique voice and their leadership message to reach our audience. The #bealeader™ difference is that we seek out the diversity which our contributors bring to the mix. We challenge the status quo of guest posting, with our mission to give all a platform to share their leadership perspectives.

As you read this post, take a moment to read the other posts here on our blog. Please consider how you can engage and add your voice to this conversation.

Here on BEALEADER your leadership story has real meaning, as we know if you reach just one person at exactly the right moment to make a difference in their lives, you are a leader.  We also understand how one spark can create the momentum to move communities to action. We embrace reaching both the one or the many, through our contributing writers. 



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