Look Good, Feel Good And Lead Well

In these turbulent times in which we serve, our health is important. Our daily lives seem to be that we run from putting out one fire after another. We forget about ourselves and put others first. While this is noble, it can drain our internal resources. We tell ourselves that we are taking one for the team, while we are rationalizing this idea, we are simply giving too much of ourselves away that in the end will bite us in the bum over time.

Why is this so important for leaders? Because leaders cannot rise to the challenges we face nor can we effectively fight the daily fires or invest ourselves in those we serve unless we take care of ourselves first.  What happens if we run ourselves into the ground? How well will you serve if you are ill? How is this serving your team or your family for that matter?  No matter how many Red Bulls or Starbucks you drink, you will never get the energy kick you need to #bealeader and serve well. We have to be selfish and be on our game with our health in order to serve our life long missions and organizations. We need to keep our resilience, energy levels, and emotional commitments so that we are strong in mind, body and spirit to meet the demands of our leadership.  You will never achieve your leadership goals if you sacrifice yourself to cause of others.

There are a few things we can do reverse the curse with our health.

Be mindful of what you eat and drink:  This isn’t just about losing weight; this is about focusing on how you are fueling your machine that is your body. Write down for just one week what you eat and drink each day.  This will help you observe your pattern and habits.

Take note of your emotional state of mind:  Notice what is feeding your commitment levels.  Get a sense of when you feel the most confidence. What is zapping your energy – or better yet – who?  Once you get a handle on these points, you can adjust your day and activities.  Seek out those who bring you the best energy and keep these accountability partners close. You may notice that you create a bigger or small circle of trust as well.

Disconnect to Reconnect:   Take a break from all the devices.  Everyone needs a safe place where they can turn off and tune in to themselves.  30 minutes in your day will not break you. In fact, it could save you. Go OUTSIDE!  Get fresh air and regroup. I find this to be the most helpful in my own day.  You need to recover and take a break from the battles in your own life and gain perspective.

Exercise:  Even if you do not belong to a gym, you can workout at your desk. Find a routine that works for you. Walking, running – anything that gets you moving.  This is good for mind, body and spirit. You will look good, feel good and I assure you, you will be a better leader and lead a better life by doing this daily.


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