Lazy Blogging: Why Your Words Matter

I just recently came across a blog post, if you can call it that, which consisted of PowerPoint slides that had been converted to graphics and were used to explain a sports play.  Now on the outset, you would think that would be educational, and for some who commented – and it appears this blogs gets a lot of comments on the pictures, it seems that the audience appreciated the pictures. However, when I “read”  the post, if you can call it reading…very few words, let’s say when I  looked at the pictures, I ppfailrealized the author was merely taking a lazy way out of writing and using pictures, did I mention the comment bubbles to make the players talk to within the pictures to boot) I have a fondness of visuals as a graphic artist, I am always trying to convey my message with great visuals and accentuate  the message conveyed with the words.  This post, just made me cringe as it appeared on the screen but the message I received so poor of the author, that I didn’t feel the need to share this here with you or anyone else.  It’s was like a bad picture book that someone didn’t take the time to flesh out. I walked away feeling that my intelligence just took a major hit. Why not just explain the plays in a video? Or better yet, use words. To compare and contrast this “author” to other writers on the site within the same site, one blogger chose to respond to tweets he had received during the course of week – and most were centered not on the sport but rather a self-serving ego post that was more about the writer than the sport itself.  The last two “authors” composed prose – using adult words and explained their stories in typically great fashion showcasing they understand the use and beauty of the English language.  I would go back to read these blogs and would be willing to share their brilliance.

Most bloggers know that use of different formats within our blogs give us a chance to expand our reach and audience by varying our content deliver. Pictures can tell a story without captions at all sometimes. If you view some of the best photo blogs, even instagram (aside from the “What I had For Dinner” folks) you can see that the value of graphics, photographers can have on its audience. We can see the story of the person within these pictures. We can be transported to that scene and make our own conclusions as it to meaning. That’s the beauty of great art.

Words are art, and our ability to convey our message in words so that we can be understood without distraction.

What say you, do you find words or pictures to convey your message the best in your writing?


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