BEALEADER Is Changing The Game…

Archive Post: This post was the beginning of the BEALEADER transformation to a full time multi-author site and the announcement of our community.

#bealeader is Changing The Game….

We have an exciting month coming up this February for #bealeader.

We have a very special guest for February 7thBruce Sallan. Bruce will be in our #bealeader tweetchat spotlight for a conversation in his experience in leadership and social media and a few others topics that I feel you will enjoy. If you are interested in being a special guest for #bealeader – see our guest host page for more information.

Secondly, I’m so excited to announce that CASUDI (Caroline Di Diego) has agreed to be our #bealeader resident guest writer for our #bealeader blog. CASUDI will be sharing interviews, leadership topics and more to our #bealeader audience. CASUDI is a multi-faceted entrepreneur who brings to the table her experience in team building, start up organization as well as creativity that is a unique perspective I think you will enjoy.

Also in February, #bealeader is continuing its Real Leaders, Real Issues guest post series and for the first time we have created a theme for the month of February “What Does It Mean To You To #bealeader?” and I’m so excited by the lineup of guest writers we have on tap: Blair Glaser, Kate Nasser, Scott Mabry, Chery Gegelman and Martina McGowan to name a few.  If you wish to submit a guest post, check out our #bealeader Guest Writer page to learn how to submit your post.  We will have a new theme for each month as well as you can write on subjects pertaining to leadership and your own experience as well.

#bealeader is a growing community and our outreach via social media is changing the game in leadership and creating space for new leaders to grow.  I’m very proud of each of our #bealeader community members and excited for what the future holds for #bealeader.

Be sure to check out #bealeader Community page to find out how you can join in the conversation and connect with our amazing community.


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