Serving Others Is How To Be A Leader

We each have the ability to serve others in our lives. Our ability to change lives comes from the time and effort we are willing to put into the service we give others.  Leaders understand that serving others is not about receiving credit or accolades for the service, rather, we serve because we feel the need to give back and pay it forward without fan fare, we are not looking for a return in kind favor either. We create the ability to give opportunities to leaders – to allow others to be a leader within. Our leadership and service is a lifelong result of our need to give back. We want to serve in this way so that we can contribute to changing lives better than we found them.  Leaders have developed ways to give back – whether it’s mentoring, volunteering our time and gifts or just being of assistance when the need arises. Leaders understand that service is our passage to giving value to others.

When we serve others, we receive as much back as the person or organization we are serving. Giving is receiving when you put the needs of others before yourself.

Leaders must have a vision and the ability to identify opportunities to drive and influence positive change. To give only because “it’s the right thing to do” or because you feel that you must have community service function of your organization not a vision that will reap results, rather it makes you look like you are just giving lip service to the idea of giving.  Leaders must have a map and drive culture change within their organization to spawn the mantra of service to others to all team members.  Serving others is more than writing a check and taking the tax credit. Money cannot equal time and value that you can provide others. Leaders must create ways for others to participate that is meaningful – both for the organization and individuals.



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