Be The Master Of Your Own Ego

Over the course time, we have all heard that “ego” is bad. A big ego can damage you and others around you. Let’s stop the presses here. Ego is necessary. Ego is good and let’s stops pretending in the name of being “humble” that we do not have a bit of a big ego within each of us.  The truth, as hard it is for some to hear, is that ego is gives us strength and allows to have pride in ourselves. There is nothing wrong with being proud of your true self and accomplishments. If we didn’t have ego – for one thing – the internet would also be very dull. Ego allows us to seize opportunities where others might miss the cue or feel the risk is too great to try to put effort in their ideas.

There is a difference between healthy ego and narcissism. Narcissists have a hard time hearing others above the roar of their own power trip. Ego brings out our confidence.  With confidence in ourselves, we can appreciate the success of others without being threaten. With narcissism, you never can truly empathize with the pain or success of others and never be able to relate to others on any level. Narcissist have difficult path to loving others as much as they love themselves.

Ego should be embraced; it should be used to wield power over others.  If you feel that you are above others, if you see yourself as being too cool for school as it were, you can be alienated from the pack.

One of the best things about having a healthy ego is that it can inspire you to reach greater heights.  Let that sink in.  If you are happy with your life, enjoy it.  Let the world know that you are winning in life. There is nothing wrong with proclaiming how inspired you have become by the world around you.  Use your ego as motivation to keep going.  Our ego grows when we allow ourselves to receive compliments. To really receive and feel the emotions of having our work, our purpose rewarded.  Take comments in stride. Use these moments to build your ego and let yourself rejoice in the moment.

A healthy ego can be our  friend.  Never let anyone steal your joy, rather, you control how you perceive others.  The ying and yang of ego is that we can use it to our advantage but not to lord over others. We can be proud of ourselves, but we cannot take that pride as a way to become unsportsmanlike in our lives. Ego is our friend, not our enemy if we embrace it in a positive way.


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