Are You So Vain As A Leader That You Think This Post is About You?

There are many factors to be considered when gauging leaders. One of the most critical measures is identifying a leader’s level of vanity. There is a fundamental difference in vanity and self confidence. Vanity is a disproportionate pride in one’s personal abilities – sometimes referred to be as being cocky, self righteous  about personal achievements – “I before We” is the mantra most vain leaders are mostly running under. Then there is self confidence. Self confidence is the belief in one’s personal abilities, not bragging, but a true belief and self assurance of their purpose within. A leader who is self confident is more concerned with the success of others and down for the “cause” without looking for the “applause” for themselves. Self confidence breeds teamwork. Self confidence energizes development, growth and success of others. Self confidence gives way to influence. If you are self confident leader, your passion isn’t to impress others with your dazzling brilliance, but rather lead the team to success.  When it comes to the vain leaders, most of the time they are most likely insecure and threaten by the success of others. If they are not the center of attention, all eyes in the room on them, they can turn jealous and passive aggressive which breed contempt by those they will to impress.

Leaders who are self confident have three distinct hallmarks:

  • Humility – Confident leaders do not talk about themselves exclusively. They talk about the contributions of others and give credit where credit is due. And when the chips are down, they will take the blame. They will hold the mirror to themselves and take responsibility for the failure.
  • Influence– Leaders who have the confidence within are driving results and impacting change that is required to successfully lead and influence others. Extraordinary performance is achieved by attracting the best people to projects and teams. A leader who is focused on individual performance and self-promotion will repel the best people and limit career advancement.
  • People – No one is an island and it takes people to bring a vision to life. To #bealeader is help people win.  Leader help bring people from where they are now to where they want to be in the future. We follow leaders because of what they do to help us grow and succeed. When the team wins, the organization and its people win, and the by-product is that the leader wins too.



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