How Will You Change Your Game?

Plans and goals are living documents. We adjust ourselves to face the changes in marketplaces,  even the  changes that occur within us.  The best leaders know that you must be adaptable and your plans cannot be hard and fast.  What comes down to meeting our goals is the execution we put forth. It is the tactics that are the main ingredient to our success.

Here are a few examples of tactics I’ve held true over the past year that have served me well. Perhaps these will ring true within you as well.

Just Say No:   Some may view this as a negative, but in reality, it’s a positive. Learn to say no to what is not working for you. Say no to toxic people, places and things that do not serve your higher purpose. Be selfish with your time and your boundaries. The more you can learn to say no, the more time and people you will attract who you can say YES to in your life and business.

Don’t Hate the Player, Focus on the Game:   Keep your focus on your game not the haters. You will always have haters in your life, and if you don’t – you are not serving yourself very well.  Haters give us fuel to our passion within, but don’t let the haters and distractors take away your focus. Play your game, stay true to purpose and keep your distance from those who want to take you out of the game for their own selfish reasons.

Focus is difficult for many, especially in this area because so many want to respond to the hate, but it takes self control and discipline to not let the negativity of others get in your way.  Spend your time focused on those who need you to be at the top of your game and let go of the ones who wish to take you out.    In the long run, those who put in the effort to focus, win.

Make Diversity Your Priority: Too many of us tend to flock to like-minded individuals that we create this echo-chamber around ourselves where we do not see both sides of people or their ideas.  Take a good look at your social media accounts and your memberships as well – are you getting a big picture view or just what you want hear? Maybe it’s time to broaden your horizons and seek out new frontiers.

Stop Apologizing for Your Values:  Our values guide us to be a leader. Don’t apologize if you find those who disagree with you, stand up and stand out.  Just remember, the world has a lot of folks who talk a great game when it comes to values, but when the rubber hits the road, s0me would rather sacrifice themselves than stand up and stand out on their values. To be a leader isn’t a popularity contest, it’s consistency in your actions and belief to keep your core values at the forefront of all that you do.

Give Yourself A Chance:  We have to afford ourselves the opportunity to fail. Adversity and failure are great teachers.  Give yourself permission to not be perfect, excellence is the game but pursuit of perfection is a losing game.  Learn to accept what you can control and let go of what you cannot.

So now the question is posed to you, how will you change your game?  How will you adjust your tactics to ensure you are winning the battles and keeping yourself aligned to your own purpose?


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