What Does It Mean To Be A Leader ?

A few years ago, I came to the decision that I would take the high road and carry forward on my purpose that was to serve others to find their leader within. My passion is to ensure that everyone knows that they are leader in life. It is not a title that is bestowed to you or crown that you are given by another. You are leader within when you realize that you lead yourself in your life. To #bealeader means to lead your life on purpose, on faith and with passion that serves yourself and others.

I have so many who come to me and voice their fear to heed the calling of their own inner leader. They have been conditioned by family, society, friends that leaders have titles, they go to the front of line and lead the march. Some have a perception that leaders are born; leaders are “other” people not themselves.  They do not want to see their own ability to lead from within.  Each of us possesses the choice to lead ourselves. We each have foundation of ethics, values and pillars of characters. Many just need to know that there is a light within that they can access; to #bealeader isn’t just your station in life, but life itself. We lead in our actions, words and deeds on a daily basis whether we are conscious of the ability or not. We all look at others and see their actions; they lead us to see their own inner leader. If one is not following the rules or one is not of character, they are leading us to believe they are not of true self.

To #bealeader is not a slogan. It is not a hashtag. To #bealeader is the ability to dig deep and find that we follow ourselves, we all have the gift of leadership within – in our own ways. You do not have to be THE leader to be A leader.  We just have to unearth these gifts within and cultivate our habits that give us the ability to lead ourselves and influence those on our path.


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