The Serious Business Of Leading With Fun….

Have fun, and the world will follow. There really is no more enduring and endearing leadership quality than a leader who spreads joy. Someone who is clearly is passionate about their leadership and loves people, who invites others to have fun, is someone who people want to follow and frankly, is someone who knows how to lead people where they most want to go.

There is a fine line between silly and clever, you can’t force fun. To interject fun into your leadership, you have to be sensitive to fun, be aware of its continued and ubiquitous presence in day to day life. Fun can be serious business. You must first know what fun is and second, know yourself, about yourself, what is fun for you.

Highly successful leaders today facilitates, leads by example, encourages and participates with their teams members to achieve TEAM results. When the team  feels fully engaged and part of the process, then every member of the team take personal pride in the results. Having fun along the way supports engagement and creates an atmosphere where creativity can be unleashed.

To put it bluntly, the days of dictator leader where teams just wait for their orders are fading. For some, that may still be fun, but not everyone is having a great time – maybe the leader who loves to be in control.

Defining fun can be tricky. It’s not turning your office into a comedy club. Fun is…well…think of it as more an environment change. “Fun” for this purpose is an environment where teams come in knowing that they will be challenged to take risks, failure is not a punch line and allows for room to grow and expand their knowledge base.

Leading with fun is a serious topic, but one that can radically change your process and motivate your teams to great heights.



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