Leaders: Keep Your Emotions In Check

As with most aspects of leadership, leadership begins within. It stars with our own self awareness and our environment. Each of us must take a journey within to explore what level of emotional intensity we wish to channel throughout our organizations and our personal relationships.  It is paramount to consciously understand how we control our emotions and the adoption of positive habits of attitude as the management of our negative emotions. The emotional management we create sets the stage for use of emotional intentions in our leadership. We take our emotions with us everywhere we go; we do not leave them at the front door of our homes each morning before heading to the office. Business is human and as humans, we can pick up on the energies we feel from others.

The emotional tone of companies is set by leaders and top managers. It’s our job to create a workplace where emotional honesty and energy are accepted within certain boundaries and by clear standards.  Most employees learn to manage their own emotions by observing others in their workplace.  They learn what is and what is not acceptable.  As leaders, we must realize how much we impact this emotional energy with our own intentions and emotions Our emotions can be felt far and wide, not just within the walls of our office but with our customers as well. We need to keep in mind that we should modeling the exact behavior we wish to see in others.  And the energy of our emotions will be transferred to others.



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