Bad Habits You Need To Drop Today

There is a wise Chinese proverb that says “Bad habits are like a comfortable bed, easy to get into, but hard to get out of.” Bad habits we pick up have a way of knocking us off our purpose and goals in life.  Our brains are constantly on the hunt  for patterns in our lives or things it can turn into habits.  The downside is that our subconscious mind does not pick up the difference  between good and bad habits. Anything that we continue to do repeatedly has the potential to become a habit. Good habits that we develop over the course of our lives create routine, order and effectiveness. With these habits we excel at our purpose and passion in life.  The naughty bad habits we pick up along the way that have the opposite effect. These habits tend to lock us into negative behaviors that drive off our goals and by product can drive others from our leadership.

So what are some habits you may want to drop?

If you feel the need to be exalting your faults as virtues simply because they’re who you are, you might want to drop it. There is nothing wrong with being you. There is something wrong if you feel the need to make a habit of telling others about your faults as if they are badges of honor…

If you hold information back from others to use as leverage. This habit is does not endear you to anyone. Anyone who thinks that they have to gain an advantage over another by lording over bad information to get them to bend to their will (in some circles…this is called blackmail …that’s a big label, not one I’m making here) most likely will have this backfire on themselves. You may think you have an advantage but what you really have is no integrity.

If you use sarcasm and cutting remarks to sound witty or clever. Let me give a personal example. My ex-partner had habit of referring to me in introductions to investors, business partners as his favorite PITA (pain in the ass) He didn’t mean to come out as a slight, he claimed it was a “term of endearment”. Just his way of stating  that I was always on top of projects and keeping us on track as team….he was just using sarcasm….ahem…no. If you are leader, manager or anyone who thinks that you need to use this type of language…change your game.

If you find your sentences start with “Let me explain why that won’t work”. Ah, the negative Nelly or Ned, whichever the case may be…you may think you are giving a “reality” check by qualifying your thoughts with this statement. What this really says is “I’m going to tell you why you are wrong and I’m right” or just even throwing a bucket of cold water on another person’s idea because you feel the need to be superior. Drop the attitude and this habit as soon as you can.

If you find yourself bringing up the past. Sure past performance indicators are important, however, some use this device to deflect blame away from themselves and transfer it to past events and people as well blame others for their own insecurities and current poor performance. Blaming others says more about you than it does the person you are blaming, drop it.

Habits are choices at the end of the day and the choices we make serve as the foundation for how we will create our lives. Would love to hear your opinion on this…what habits are you choosing to break to create better you today?


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