Leaders Are Teachers

I’ve long believed that the best leaders are teachers. Not lecturers, but teachers.  Leaders inspire us to think, to explore, to experiment, to learn and to keep trying. As leaders, it is our duty to pass on our lessons to others so that we may create new leaders in our wake. The purpose of leadership is not to command and control but rather to lead others to be their own leaders in life.  Leaders should encourage us to find our own  joy and energy in the journey of discovery. They should be the mile marker to remind us that the satisfaction comes from finding the answer in the moments that happen and then continuing on to never stop learning as we push forward on our path

The best leaders among us are like the teachers we may have had during our schools days, who allowed us to learn through trial and error. Failure is only an event not a person.  When we are allowed to fail, we learn valuable lessons that we can carry forward to our success. Leaders who are teachers offer encouragement, tough love when it is needed and when the situations calls for that type of action.  We taught to stand for our actions, be responsible and strive for excellence in every task we undertake.   Those among the best leader challenge us as well. Even when they see that we may be headed for a steep fall, they may close their eyes in fear but they know we will dust off our knees and get back up ready to take the next challenge with aplomb as they have given us their lessons within their stories of  their own experience and teachable moments.

The purpose of leadership is to create new leaders. When the next generation of leaders looks back, they will look to those who helped them climb up the ladder to reach new heights on their personal journey. To be a leader is to be one who doesn’t just lead others to their own agenda but rather leads others to see their own success happen within.



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