Leadership Is More Than A Buzzword….

Once upon a time… the word “leadership” would conjure up mighty men and women who held grand titles and positions – the Churchill’s, the Patton’s, the Thatcher’s and the like.  Leadership denoted top management of an organization, not the middle management.  As you scanned the internet, leadership has become more diluted. There is also a sense that many people have begun to distrust the term as there is more and more because of a hype that has been built to the term by so many who use it as a buzzword to describe any and all to describe anything that remotes looks like a leader or leader type action.

It’s time to bring leadership back to its rightful place of honor.  We should not just reserve it for those of prominence and position, rather, that is should be redefined back to its glory of definition so that the next generation can find their own leader within without  losing the luster of its core essence.

What does it really mean to be a leader? A leader is one who opens their mind to the possibilities of what can be. A leader becomes aware of how reality is created along with the infinite realities that can exist as well as the true power and impact of thoughts, intentions and action.  A leader finds that that true leadership is not the management or controlling of events at all, rather, it is the reality of the leadership resides within each of us and our ability to make our dreams and hopes real.  Leadership comes from place reserved deep within ourselves and  it is how we inspire others in a way that creates sustainable outcomes that most would believe were not impossible. It is the power of leadership that creates lives of meaning and purpose. Real leadership has the power to  change the reality of our world. Leadership is a personal choice and lies within each of us.



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