What Kind Of Leader Am I ?

Let’s get introspective for a moment. What makes you a leader? What is your leadership mantra? In today’s environment, the moniker of “leader” is toss about with much ease.  Anyone can be a leader, it’s not the title or the position of power that leads, it’s about the person.  But why? Why are some leaders and others are  not? Perhaps it’s because many step up when the opportunity to lead presents itself and in that those defining moments, a leader is born.

Or perhaps, leaders are defined by the code of conduct they live in a consistent manner, one that inspires others to follow in their path.

Leadership is a responsibility not to be taken lightly. Before we can lead others, we must first lead ourselves.  We have to evaluate our core principles and values. Without a proper foundation in these areas, a leader is standing on quicksand.  We must take responsibility to know ourselves and be able to speak to a concise vision of who we are and what we wish to accomplish. Our own mantra must be based in authentic self, not a list of quotes or clichés that we read in the latest, greatest leadership book.  It’s about us.  Our mantra is personal, it’s emotional, and it is about the inner leader within.  It’s forged in experience and knowledge gained in the wisdom we have received so far as we have traveled in our journey.

Without this foundation, how would anyone follow us?  If we are not living up to our leadership philosophy, why should anyone take steps in our path? The leadership style we define has to set the tone for how we wish to impact others.

Our philosophy does not need to be the length of “War and Peace” in fact, I believe it should be short and sweet, to the point and doesn’t leave a lot to the imagination or for interruption.  We lead as we live.



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