Confidence: The Super Power That Lies Within…

More powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Look, up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s…okay…I’m not going to suggest that you are superman or somehow if you have enough confidence you will be able to outrun a train, however, I will say, that confidence is one of the greatest powers we mere mortals possess. Why is that? Glad you asked. Here’s why. Confidence gives us the foundation to stand on solid ground while reaching out to our dreams and success.

Our confidence supports us in times of great success and failure. Whether we are facing great tribulations, failures; confidence allows us to remain calm in the chaos that swirls around us. We adapt to the environment and seek solutions where they are needed. We are not afraid to say we do not know the answer and we will go the extra mile to find it.  In confidence, we can be prepared for whatever is thrown our way. No one can predict the future,  yet, in confidence; we are assured of our response. We are confident in ourselves and trust in others we have assembled that whatever happens, we can face it together.

Confidence’s kryptonite, however, is cockiness, arrogance and closed minds. Our confidence is defeated when we allow these thoughts, habits to be formed. To be confident takes balance. Too much – and you are the joker and too little – you are frozen, unable to move out of fear. To know ourselves, our abilities, values and knowledge base within we realize that the power of confidence allows us to be more accepting others, their faults and all. We also can then see talent, leadership and values that others bring to the table and form teams that will stand tall to bring our visions, innovation to life.

This post is a starting point. Let continue the conversation on confidence…for the first time I will be hosting a new weekly chat #bealeader on Twitter May 3rd, 7pmET. Our first topic…yup, you guessed it…confidence. I would love for you to attend, bring a friend or two. Capes are optional. 😉


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